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Fashion has always been a universal language and a source of social movement

“Never underestimate the power of one little butterfly, with its beating heart and beating wings, to unleash a storm of transformation. In truth, it's this unassuming butterfly in its innocent flutter that holds the unparalleled ability to bring the storm and bring the rain” – the essence of the butterfly effect



To inspire bold self expression through the design of meaningful clothing. To prioritize the making of beautiful products that are of quality, ethical, and gender expansive.


Jordan Joel is a gender expansive clothing label based in San Francisco. We are committed to bringing ethical practices and sustainability to our participation in the fashion industry, and recognize this is a multi-faceted conversation. For Jordan Joel, unparalleled creatively is not just witness-able in our products, but in the processes in which we integrate holistic approaches to sustainability and ethics into our mission and operations. We are building personal relationships with our venders, prioritizing the use of quality materials, and showcasing the LGBTQIA+ community for in house and marketing related work. All of these practices together facilitating a sustainable business ethos, while bringing visibility to our mission of gender inclusivity through self expression in fashion

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